Handywork: idle hands not allowed

Posted by Benji On 3:20 AM


I just took a look at my calendar for the umpteenth time to see what day it is. I'm sure I am not alone in this universe when it comes to that tingle knowing that the last day of the week. Three years ago Fridays never mattered to me. Being part of a BPO back then, I was used to revolving schedules where my days off could fall in any day of the week.

But that was then. I like how my schedule works now. With a regular weekend to look forward to, I get to do things I didn't I could do before: do housework, and work on a hobby.

I've always loved doing things with my hands. To be more specific, I love to tinker with things. Curiosity about how things work was something I never got over since I was a kid. I lost count on how many television sets met their grave when I tried to do some "improvements". Now that I have airsoft, I am able to omit household appliances from my "deadly" touch.

A fellow hobbyist and forum member once asked me what is about why I could not stop taking apart something that is working perfectly fine. It took awhile for me to answer as I had some scripted answers to choose from in my head. In the end I told him it was not just to improve something or wanting to reinvent the wheel. For me it was about understanding and learning. I like the challenge of making something work not only efficiently, but also to beyond one's expectations. I also like to experiment, to see how one small modification will affect the overall performance of a device.

Like it or not we all have some sort of compulsion to do something right. Or to improve something beyond what it is designed to do. We always look for a magic formula, like alchemists making gold out of lead. Sometimes it works, other times it ends in spectacular failure, leading us to think of what went wrong or what made us decide to take that particular route.

As I write this my hands are getting itchy again. Time to do another experiment.

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