Joe Satriani - I believe

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2011 has been one tough year. Not to sound like I wear rose-colored glasses when I think about what the next year will be like, all I know is to hope.

The 500 Peso Challenge #2: Kenny Rogers

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What we had:

The Missus got the healthy plate. Food included the following: Classic Chicken (your choice of part), a serving of fresh fruits, all vegetable salad - solo, 1 muffin and a glass of lite ice tea. This plate was priced at Php185.

I had the Grilled American BBQ plate (photo above). My food included Grilled chicken fillet, java rice, a muffin and cheesy garlic potatoes. This plate was priced at Php175.

We then ordered 4 pieces of muffin for Php60 and since my meal did not include drinks, I ordered a glass of ice tea for Php40.

The total of our meal: Php460. Another great food find which was priced for less than Php500!

The 500 Peso Challenge #1: Dulcinea

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The wife and I decided to take on a challenge of looking for a restaurant, eat there without spending more than 500 Pesos. It's hard, but here's the first restaurant that we visited: Dulcinea Ali Mall Branch.



For the missus, she got Dulcinea's Favorito meal - Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

For myself, I got the Dulcinea Favorito meal - Spicy Chicken Strips

Dessert was a slice of Sansrival.

My opinion: The chicken was delicious, spicy but that specific taste did not over power the chicken. The Sweet and sour fish was also delicious. The Sansrival - not what we expected.

The cost: Each Favorito meal was for Php149, Sansrival was for Php55. Our total bill: Php353 Pesos.

By the way,. the Favorito meals include the main dish, two mini-cream puffs and a glass of iced tea per serving. Cheap, filling and delicious, my kind of meal.

Rai Rai Ken

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The wife and I have been passing by Rai Rai Ken in Ali Mall for the longest of times and one time we decided to pay the restaurant a visit.

I wasn't able to sample the food of the missus so I'll just talk about what I had:

My order was from the Donburi menu, the Gyudon for Php195. It was good, the beef was tender and juicy and the rice was not too much or too little. If you love Japanese food, you may want to visit Rai Rai Ken.

Dining at Lemongrass Shangri-La Plaza

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Last week Saturday, the missus and I decided to eat out and she recommended Lemongrass. A restaurant that participated in the event that she went to - The Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011.

What I had:



The Appetite Sampler (P500). As for the taste, they were good, but the California Maki can be made better. It wasn't as "bouncy" as the other makis that I have tasted.


As for the drinks, the Calamansi Juice (P75) was just right. Not too sweet, not too sour. Perfect for those who love fresh juices.

What the missus had


Chicken Teriyaki (P105). It was quite dry and lacked a little in the teriyaki sauce department.


Thai Iced Tea (P105). She still votes for the Thai iced tea of Mango Tree Bistro, but it was good and refreshing.

Dessert, we shared the Sticky Rice with Mango (P110)


The dessert wasn't too sweet and it was heavy mainly because of the sticky rice.

Our total bill Php 981.00. Our verdict, they could still use a little more improvement on some of their dishes.



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New to Litratong Pinoy.

An old photo that I wanted to share because of the message.

grunge special (part 1)

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I stumbled on this video while "surfing" youtube. It has been awhile since I heard music from this era, certainly brings back a lot of memories.

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