There comes a time when feel that we are prepared for anything that comes to us. We are confident, dare I say cocky, ready to take on any challenge. Then comes "real life". We become stronger or assume the fetal position because of the experience.

If I had the opportunity to talk to myself when I was younger, I wonder what I would say. Would I go on talk down on the person that I once was, tell him that half of the ideas he has in his head are worthless and to start being more practical? Or would I instead tell him that those are good ideas that may or may come true but dream anyway?

I guess we all wish we can go back, to fix what we think was wrong with ourselves. Just when you think you are beyond self pity, you suddenly feel that all that you have done doesn't match the grand design you envisioned many years ago.

Seems I'm just as guilty of this as anyone else.

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